Products for dog stores continue to evolve

Running a pet store is not what it used to be. Modern dog products are much more advanced than their older counterparts. Particularly in the United States, technological innovation is leading to the production of some amazing goods. It is the case that where the United States leads, Britain usually follows. According to a recent news item, nanotechnology is altering what is available for pet owners.

A range of products for dogs are now being manufactured with nanotechnology at their heart. Dog collars and leads have been made by a company called Dog Gone Smart Pet Products. This enterprise aims to be a pioneer in the sector and will be showcasing its wares at a convention centre in Atlanta during early 2012.

Some of the products that have been made may seem appealing to a wide range of dog owners. For example, a dog bed has been constructed, which does not get as dirty as a conventional one. It has been made out of a special fabric that apparently has unique properties. The fabric concerned is meant to get less smelly than normal material over time if both are exposed to the continued presence of a similar dog.

How effective this new dog bed might be has yet to be seen. A lot of testing by dog owners will discover whether or not the new products are as good as they sound. It may be some time before they are on sale within the European Union unfortunately, so if you import one, be sure to let us at Dream Dogs know how you get on!