Sniffer dogs hired by parents to sniff out drugs in children’s bedrooms

It’s every parent’s greatest fear that their kids may end up doing drugs; luckily for parents in the USA there is a solution. A company based in Jersey, Sniff Dogs, allows parents to hire out trained sniffer dogs to search their children’s bedrooms for drugs.

The company charges £200 (which is about £125) for an hour of the dog’s time to sniff out a range of drugs and illegal substances, including cocaine, heroin and ecstasy. The dogs locate illegal substances and then sit next to them so that parents can have the pleasure, or misfortune, of making the final discovery themselves.

The discreet service is marketed by the company as being able to happen without the child even knowing, so means there is no need for a drug test. Currently Sniff Dogs has five trained sniffer dogs and serves the New Jersey and Ohio regions. They hope to be able to expand to the rest of the USA before too long.

The co-founder of Sniff Dogs, Debra Holmes, said about the service:

Parents think it’s about cops busting into the house, as on TV, but it’s not much different to a termite inspection. It’s often a five-minute process as these dogs are so quick.

The idea came to Debra Holmes when her son was caught using marijuana and driving at the same time. She claims that 50% of pupils in US high schools have tried marijuana at some point. She also says that parents are very open to the idea of using sniffer dogs to check their children’s bedrooms.

Drug prevention should begin at home but there’s been no way for parents to implement it.