Supplies needed for house training a puppy

The essential tool for house training a puppy is lots and lots of patience. House training a puppy is not straight forward and there will be lots of accidents as you try to teach your new little friend the rules in your home. However, to help with your patience and aid you in your training there are a number of supplies that you can get, before you bring your puppy home, which should make the training go more smoothly.

Crate-training a puppy can help with easing your pet

 into family life. With a crate, your puppy can learn to relax during times when you cannot supervise the dog. However, make sure the crate is not so big that the puppy decides to make part of it the bathroom!

Treats are essential to motivate your puppy and demonstrate your praise when your puppy behaves well. Combined with encouraging words, when your puppy has gone in the correct place, reward them with a treat to help train your dog as they will be highly motivated by food.

Using a lead and a collar in your home can be very useful when trying to train your puppy to use the toilet in a specific spot. This will enable you to keep the puppy within your control when you sense that they are looking to go to the toilet e.g. sniffing the floor or pacing around, and you can lead the puppy to the designated spot. 

Lastly, invest in some cleaning products. With the best will in the world, your puppy will make mistakes and you will need to be prepared.


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