Top 3 Dog accessories

It’s easy to fall into the trap of treating your dog as if it was a step up from the Barbie dolls or an Action Man figures you had as a child. Part of the appeal of such toys was the chance to own lots of different accessories to go with them. As a boy I would drool over things such as the German motorbike with side car, the Scorpion Tank or the Holy Grail for collectors: the Palitoy Action Man Helicopter with realistic rotor action and working winch! The funny thing is that I never owned an Action Man – I just liked the idea of all the cool accessories you could get.

For some people, their dog is an ideal opportunity to indulge the same instinct to collect things. It’s common to see many dog owners ‘pimping’ their pet nowadays. This may be in the shape of a bandana, a velour tracksuit or even a fancy dress costume. If you’re willing to rob your pet of any dignity by dressing it up as Yoda from Star Wars, then you may be interested in Dream Dogs’ top three accessories for your pooch:

Dog_GogglesDog Goggles

In our never-ending quest to anthropomorphise our pets, we’re predisposed to dressing them up in caps or sunglasses. The only time you were likely to see a dog in goggles, however, would be if it was a passenger on a motorbike as part of a segment of ‘That’s Life’. However, you no longer need to be a grizzled Hell’s Angel with a motorbike/sidecar combination to carry off accessorising your dog with some funky eyewear. Dog Goggles have an extra wide nose bridge, a deep lens cup and have a rubber frame that is padded and flexible. They also have interchangeable lenses, meaning that you can protect them from harmful UV light. Paired with a leather flight cap, your dog can look like a World War 1 Sopwith Camel pilot, a look which will be in this autumn.

Doggie Flotation JacketDoggie Flotation Jacket

If you’ve ever walked your dog near a body of water, there’s a good chance that it will have been curious about it. It may have dipped a paw in with trepidation, before deciding that it wasn’t in the mood for a swim. On the other hand, it may have gone mental and dived straight in, ignoring your calls to come back, before emerging to shake themselves dry near someone’s picnic. If your dog is more like this, then the Doggie flotation Jacket may be just the ticket to keep it safe. Brightly coloured, it fits like a vest and has an attachable chin float to keep his head above water.

If you’re bedevilled by your dog making a break for the waves, you may want to show him what happened to Pippet, the dog who went for a swim in the sea in the movie Jaws. No prizes for guessing what happened there.

dog-buggyPink Pet Buggy

Some people get so attached to their pet that they think of them as their child. The Pink Pet Buggy is ideal for such people. Looking like a regular buggy, this comes complete with a snack tray and cup holders, a mesh cover for keeping out bugs, lockable brakes and space for your groceries. In fact, I think this is a great accessory for a dog owner with a mischievous sense of humour. Imagine taking your dog for a stroll to the shops with the canopy down… no doubt there will be some old dear who comments on you having a baby and wants to see him. At this point, you pull the cover back with a flourish to reveal your pet miniature Schnauzer and say “He’s only eighteen months old but he’s very hairy”.

The range of stuff you can buy for your dog is huge: why not share your favourite accessories with us here at Dream Dogs?


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