Wild dogs turn green eating toxic waste

greendogsAn entire pack of wild dogs in Russia appear to have turned a bright green colour.  It is suspected this has been caused by the dogs eating dumped toxic waste.

Locals say that the stray dogs, believed to be former guard dogs let loose, scavenge at a tip on the outskirts of the city.

One local, Alexei Bukharovsky thought at first it was a practical joke when he saw the green dogs in the snow.  He commented:

“I go past those dogs every day.  They are usually reddish… but then I saw, running along the white snow, an almost completely emerald dog.”

Local news service RIA Novosti spoke with a local police spokesperson who believes it is due to illegal tipping.  He said:

“Either local residents or a factory have been dumping some kind of chemical waste there.”

Who knows what effect this toxic waste will have had on the dogs, or other wildlife, but the local council has been asked to ensure the tip site is cleaned up.

Picture: ninemsn