Passive smoking can kill your dog

by Vivien Richardson on October 10, 2009

dogsmokingMany times we read or hear about passive smoking contributing to a family member who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Our beloved dogs and other pets are in living the same home environment as smokers and they too are in danger. Pets can be diagnosed with cancer due to them inhaling the stale vapours from cigarettes.

If more than one family member smokes the greater the risk your dog will be diagnosed with cancer.

Cigarette fumes have a bad affect on a pet dog’s eyes and nose. A dog’s eyes will look and feel sore after cigarette smoke as it affects their blood vessels.

Canine noses are sensitive to scents and any breed of dog with a long nose is more likely to be at risk from cancer. One breed of dog which is susceptible is the greyhound.

Toxic fumes can produce a cold which may bring about a life threatening condition to your dog. One area to watch out for is your pet repeatedly coughing and spluttering.

Smoke will irritate your dog’s oesophagus quicker as it is much shorter than an adult therefore causing a quicker allergic reaction.

If you are a smoker it may be time to reflect on the effect on your dog’s health, quit smoking and book him in with a local vet to have a medical.

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