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Bichon Frise Stud Dogs

Below is a selection of Bichon Frise stud dogs on our stud dog directory. Please use the search facility on the right to search for stud dogs or Register to advertise your stud dog(s) for free.

reece Bichon Frise Stud Dog

Reece is a very pleasant dog, loves children he has a very nice coat of fur and doesnt have streamy eyes he is registered with dog lovers club [contact-form-7... (more)

Location: Merseyside

Stud Fee: £100.00

Buck Bichon Frise Stud Dog

For stud only proven bichon frise,excellent temperament,loves children and all other animals,references can be given,he is very gentle with the ladies,please... (more)

Location: Northamptonshire

Stud Fee: £250

marco jack Bichon Frise Stud Dog

marco jack is 1yr 7 mth a fully white proven pedigree bichon frise dl registerd. marco has sired 3 litters mia had 3xgils and 3xboys abbie had the same. malo... (more)

Location: Lanarkshire

Stud Fee: £0.00

Frodo Bichon Frise Stud Dog

Frodo is a gentle 2 year old dog (born July 2009). He is a proven sire to several litters. He has a wonderful temperament and is brilliant with children... (more)

Location: Glamorgan

Stud Fee: £200

marco jack Bichon Frise Stud Dog

full pedigreebbichon frise and is a member of the dlrc club. he is 1 year old on 1st march, due to his age will be a first time sire. marco fully upto... (more)

Location: Lanarkshire

Stud Fee: £0.00

napa Bichon Frise Stud Dog

i have a beuatiful bichon frise called napa and am looking for a beuatiful bichon female to mate with napa has all papers and is a full pedigree he also... (more)

Location: Dunbartonshire

Stud Fee: £250

Benji Bichon Frise Stud Dog

Benji is a very Handsome Boy, Pedigree.K.C.Registered Sire 6boys 1Girl 3girls 2boys and 3girls 3boys. 8 Champions in Bloodline.Contact Katie. [contact-form-7... (more)

Location: West Midlands

Stud Fee: £250.00

Finding a Bichon Frise stud dog in the UK

Be sure that your Bichon Frise has up to date vaccinations before you start your search for the right stud dog. Reputable Bichon Frise stud dog owners will be happy to discuss the vaccinations, health checks and pedigree detail. To have a good choice of stud dogs in the UK, use our online stud dog directory to help widen your search

Breeding the Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a wonderful breed of dog; so much so, you may have decided to breed your bitch yourself. Don't rush in to breeding your Bichon Frise - spend as much time as necessary finding an appropriate stud dog. After the date of first mating, your Bichon Frise may go off her food for 10 days or so; don't worry - this is normal

Breeding Bichon Frise puppies

Whelping is perfectly natural but you should be prepared; take advice from fellow breeders and your vet. If your bitch cannot feed her pups, you may need to hand rear them; seek advice from your vet. Don't be afraid to ask any potential owners if they have the spare time to look after a Bichon Frise puppy
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