Bark in the park!

It is usually positive when a local community makes the effort to come together, but it is even better when it is to organise a special event.  As reported in the Kidderminster Shuttle, a local community group has organised a ‘Bark in the Park.’  On Saturday 21st November, dog owners from all over will congregate in St George’s Park.

One aim of the event is to provide free advice to dog lovers in a friendly atmosphere.  There will also be fascinating dog demonstrations, including a dog trainer and a display by a police dog.  The event has been carefully planned by Friends of St George’s Park and they hope to raise revenue for good causes.  These good causes include charities like the RSPCA and Forest Dog Rescue.  The chairperson of the community group hopes that all sections of the community can learn to get on better.  Issues like dog mess and responsible dog ownership will also be addressed.

Justin Bryant, local Community Safety Officer, is pleased by the efforts that have gone into arranging the event.  Bryant stated:

“Our park is here for the whole community so we want to encourage responsible dog owners to make the most of our park.”

If dog owners always look after their dogs when they exercise in the park they can help ensure any potential conflicts with other park users are kept to an absolute minimum.  While this is a serious issue for dog owners and other park users everywhere, it is to be hoped that in Kidderminster the ‘bark in the park’ is a really fun occasion for everyone who gets involved.


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