Titan declared world’s tallest dog

Titan world's tallest dog
Titan world's tallest dog

On November 12th, Guinness World Records’ Day, the world’s tallest dog was announced.  Titan, pictured here courtesy of Guinness World Records, is aptly named and lives in sunny California.  Commonly mistaken by local children for a horse, this dog has a very peaceful temperament.  He is a Great Dane and 4 years old. Titan is an amazing 3.5 feet tall, and that is just measuring from the ground to the shoulder!  Delighted owner Diana Taylor told The San Diego Union-Tribune:

“Titan is magical.  He’s low-key, calm and has a wonderful demeanor about him. He gets along with all dogs, even the tiny ones.”

Titan is going to be given a party to celebrate his new fame and status, where his favourite treats will be freely available. However, he is already 190 pounds in weight so the apple sauce and banana cakes he adores should not be given to him too regularly.  Unfortunately, Titan is blind and deaf.  He also suffers from epilepsy and is therefore not likely to be used as a stud dog to breed further world tallest dog applicants!  Luckily, his attentive owner can communicate with him via touch.

The previous holder of the world’s tallest dog title was called Gibson.  Another Great Dane, Gibson died of bone cancer earlier this year.  It must be hoped that Titan has several happy years at the top ahead of him yet.  His devoted owner Ms Taylor will ensure he receives the best care and attention and one thing is for sure, Titan is top dog for now and long may his reign continue!


  • i luv titan, i have met him at a dog beach…. he is such a sweet heart even kno he is blind,def, and has sezuires… lov u titan!!! <3

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