Bath charity initiative seeks to keep dogs warm this winter

An animal care centre in Bath has set up a scheme encouraging dog lovers to donate just £25, which will be enough to see a dog kept warm and safe over the cold UK winter.

The Bath Cats and Dogs Home (BCDH), which houses around 3,000 animals every year, says that funds raised through the scheme will not only cover the fundamental heating costs needed to keep the canines cosy, but will also pay for additional blankets and bedding. Furthermore, it will go towards medicine for dogs suffering from joint problems, while cats will benefit from beds with a special ability to retain heat.

Simultaneously, the care centre has issued advice urging people to think carefully before they adopt a pet, as the abandonment of dogs often comes as a consequence of households taking in an animal and then realising they do not have the means to care for it. BCDH’s Karen Ethier warns:

“Prospective new owners should ensure they have sufficient time, the correct lifestyle and financial means to take on a pet and look after it responsibly.”

Other possible ideas for keeping dogs at as comfortable a temperature as possible all year round include improving air circulation during the summer and installing underfloor heating to ensure that they are not lying on cold floors during the winter – both of which are ideas being adopted by a proposed new state-of-the-art dog shelter in Geneseo, Illinois, according to a recent report.

More information on the BCDH Appeal, as well as advice on how to make a donation, can be found on the BCDH website.