Bathing your puppy can be fun

To make bath time pleasant for your puppy take extra care in preparation and allow plenty of time so your puppy will associate his bath with being a happy experience.

If you are washing your puppy in the family bath or a baby bath you will need the water to be warm and not too hot.  Have ready and near at hand the puppy shampoo and a towel for drying off the excess water. Do not use human shampoo as they are not good for a puppy’s coat.

If you are using the family bath try using a hand held shower to rinse off the soap. If you are using a baby bath have a plastic jug handy.  An old towel in the bath will stop your puppy slipping.  Always gently comb or brush your puppy’s coat before bath time so there are no excessive tangles.  Put cotton wool ball just inside the ear to keep them dry.


•    Thoroughly wet your puppy while talking to him with a soothing tone. When he tries to struggle calm him down before proceeding.

•    Work a small amount of the shampoo into his coat and massage him as you go along. Start at the neck and go backwards.  Mind out for eyes and ears.

•    Keep praising him and rinse off the water without letting the water near the eyes and ears. Make sure all the soap is rinsed off the coat.

•    Place the towel over him, pick him up ready to towel dry and be quick before he shakes himself.

If you follow these tips and bathe your puppy regularly from an early age, he will learn to love his bathtime.