Benefits to getting your dog spayed

spayingWhile the subject of getting your bitch spayed may cause tears in the eyes many, and leave some feeling cold, it is actually a very humane thing to do for an animal. A bitch is spayed so that she cannot have any more puppies, and the act actually involves the removal of ovaries – but while this may seem a harsh and drastic measure, the health benefits of having a bitch spayed far outweigh any potential hazards or complications.

For example when a bitch has been spayed she will no longer become ‘in season’, meaning that you won’t have to worry about her becoming pregnant or attracting the attention of other dogs. You also don’t have to worry about her leaving unsightly stains on the carpet or sofa.

Another major advantage with having your bitch spayed is that the removal of the ovaries means that she will be protected from diseases such as ovarian cancer. It also reduces the risk of other forms of cancer and tumours, which can affect some breeds of dog more than others.

Of course, the more bitches that are spayed the fewer abandoned dogs there will be for rescue centres to deal with – which is a common problem throughout the world, even here in the dog loving UK.

So while it may seem that taking your beloved pet to the vets for an operation that she will no doubt not enjoy, and will take a few weeks to recover from, the health benefits for her (and the peace of mind it will give you as her owner) make the whole ordeal worthwhile.