Japan chooses Chihuahua for police force

The Japanese are renowned for the skill in miniaturising electronics, such as phones and computers, but it seems they’ve turned this talent to something new: police dogs.

The Japanese police academy in Yamatokoriyama has just turned out the latest batch of highly trained police dogs, including Momo, a Chihuahua. Tipping the scales at just 3kg (6.6lb), the tiny pooch beat off stiff competition from many bigger breeds, such as German shepherds, beagles and golden retrievers, to make it through the intensive dog training to her final exams, which she passed with flying colours.

Rather than be used by officers to put the bite on fleeing criminals, Momo will be put to work in rescue situations, such as earthquakes, where she can squeeze her tiny frame through gaps that other, more common rescue dogs just cannot.

Japanese Police Dog

The tiny pooch will have a well earned rest over Christmas, and begin her work in earnest in the New Year.

A police spokesperson said:

“It’s quite rare for us to have a Chihuahua work as a police dog.

“We would like it to work hard by taking advantage of its small size.”

Named for the Mexican state where the breed was first discovered, Chihuahuas are usually thought of as must-have fashion accessories and are often seen peeping out of the expensive handbags of film stars and socialites.

Momo, whose name means ‘Peach’ in English, has been awarded a year long contract with the police force, and is the first Chihuahua to have ever passed through the rigorous training regime and exams.

Her owner celebrated Momo’s success by treating her to her favourite dish of chicken and tomatoes.