Blackpool dog owner lands himself in bit of a mess

A man from Blackpool has been fined £265 after his dog fouled in a public area and he failed to clean it up.

The dog is apparently well known in the Blackpool area for fouling and the council has received more than one complaint about the dog in the past. These tough measures, the council believes, will help to reduce the amount of dog fouling that is left on streets.

blackpoolPaul Grimshaw, who resides at Furness Avenue, Grange Park, was prosecuted at Blackpool’s magistrate’s court for dog fouling offences. The prosecution was led by Blackpool Council bosses. He was found guilty of offenses and ordered to pay £100 relating to the offence and £150 in court costs.

There was also a £15 victim surcharge that was added on.

A spokesman for Blackpool Council said

“The result of the hearing was a victory for Blackpool Council and its animal wardens, one of who appeared in court as a witness.”

“The wardens have dealt with a string of complaints regarding this dog, over the past two years, and hope that this large fine will be a strong reminder about the possible consequences for failing to comply with these laws.”

“Under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996, anyone who fails to immediately remove fouling by a dog in their charge, in any public area, is committing an offence.”

“They are likely to be issued with a fixed penalty notice requiring payment of £50. If this is not paid a fine of up to £1,000 could be the result.”

It is very important that responsible dog owners clean up after their dogs, or dogs will be banned from even more public places than they are now.