Breeding your dog

Before offering your dog for breeding, you need to take serious consideration to many factors before you go ahead and offer your dog for stud purposes. Dogs should always be bred responsibly as there are already too many dogs either being mistreated by private owners or end up in dog sanctuaries after being abandoned or due to a shortage of good homes. It would be irresponsible to breed your dog without knowing that you can find committed owners for them to go to or without acknowledging that you have some responsibility to the puppies.

The Kennel Club has a general code of ethics that is certainly worth reading with regards to responsible breeding which will give you food for thought before you go ahead. Potential dog owners who want to find a pedigree puppy will generally expect that the dog that they buy will be typical of the breed they had researched and chosen in terms of its look and the character traits associated with that breed.


The health of the dog will be at the top of their concerns and so irresponsible breeders who continue to breed unhealthy animals can be at risk of legal action so you need to identify if your dog is suitable to be used at stud through various tests. If your dog is used as a stud, you should ensure that all the necessary paper work is in order with your dog’s pedigree form provided, along with health certificates and Kennel Club litter registration forms completed.


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