Can a dog understand what is being said to them?

If you are lucky enough to be able to take your dog to work with you, he is bound to greet all of your co workers with his wagging tail and appealing eyes. Once the pleasantries have settled down and your pet has snuggled himself into his allocated dog bed under your desk, how long does it take for him to start snoring?

What is more embarrassing is your immediate reaction to tell him to stop, as you would with a husband or partner!

There is a tendency with dog lovers to treat a puppy or an adult dog as you would a baby or a small child. Talking to your dog is just a symptom of treating him as a member of the family.

How many times have you said ‘bless you’ when your dog has sneezed, a vocal reflex that happens when you are in the company of others?

It can be an embarrassing moment when your neighbour calls round and you have to explain why they heard you having a conversation, yet no other person is in your home – only the dog.

Most dog owners will put their hands up to having been caught singing or talking to their pet, while others say they give their pet dog his meals at the same time they sit down for lunch or dinner.

However, dog owners happily agree that their pets tend to know what is being said to them and some dogs even respond by making tiny grunts or noises.

Most of the time a dog’s response is a wagging of a tail or a look that says, have a cup of tea, you need one.