Choose nutritious food for your puppy

There are many varieties of food on the market for a puppy, and so choosing the correct food for a puppy can be confusing.
Your puppy will require a food that will help his or her bones and muscles to grow strong and healthy.

One consideration to take into account is the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats your puppy will be consuming daily.

If you choose a tinned dog food, look at all the ingredients on the label. The first item on the label is the main ingredient but look at all the ingredients including the smaller amounts.

Small biscuits as a dry food can be given as one meal and tinned dog food at another, just make sure that any dry food given as a meal on its own is actually a ‘complete’ food and not just a mixer designed to be mixed with other food.

When you are shopping for your dog food it is important you choose the food that is clearly marked for puppies as they contain more vitamins.

It is essential a new puppy has a balance of food on a daily basis and remember to take into account the amount of treats you give your puppy as treats are food.  Over feeding your puppy at mealtimes is a health risk.

If your puppy refuses his food you may have to try a different product. However take further advice from your local veterinarian.