Five legged puppy has operation

five-legged-dogA five legged Chihuahua puppy called Lilly has had a successful operation to become a four legged and happy puppy.

The little dog is only seven weeks old and vets in New York removed her extra limb in an operation that lasted ninety minutes.

The puppy’s new owner, Allyson Siegel told the local paper:

“She’s alert. She’s kind of running around. There were no complications whatsoever.  The vet says he expects her to make a full recovery. All four legs work great.”

The little dog’s life could have turned out much differently though as the dog breeder almost sold the puppy to the owner of an animal show in Coney Island in New York.  In Coney Island there are several sideshow attractions such as the bearded lady and other ‘oddities, freaks and amazing animals’.  Coney Island owner, John Strong, claimed to have had an agreement with the dog breeder Calvin Owensby.

Instead though, Owensby sold Lilly to Siegel who promised to have the extra leg amputated and allow the Chihuahua to live a normal life.

Strong laid claim to owning the puppy, but Siegel, who had Lilly, said it would be:

“over my dead body”

Good for her and quite rightly so!


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