Choose the correct dog food for a large dog

large dog eatingWhen choosing quality dog food for a large adult dog, one that weighs over 50lbs for example, it is essential for the dog’s health that the ingredients are well balanced. A larger breed of dog has a higher level of metabolism; therefore the food that is given to him should qualify for good joint health and satisfy his dietary needs.

An owner of a large dog should choose large kibble; larger pieces will give a dog more satisfaction and promote the movement of good chewing. It is essential that, even when a puppy, a large breed of dog for the first eighteen months of his life should be fed puppy food that will keep him fully satisfied.

An adult dog will require dog food that is specially prepared to keep his body in good condition; to keep his bones and muscles nice and strong, with bright clear eyes and a gleaming coat.

When a dog of a large breed is five or six years old he is considered to be a mature dog, and as such he should be fed dog food that is manufactured for a senior or mature dog. At this time in his life there may also be a problem with him being able to chew his food.

If you are unsure about the correct dog food for your new canine friend, a local vet will give you more information about your dog and how to keep them in good health.

When you take your dog to the vets for their yearly booster vaccination, the vet will check out your dog for any medical conditions that could occur, and weigh your dog to make sure he is not overweight.

When feeding your dog, always measure the correct portion sizes of his meal according to his age, and remember to include the amount of treats he receives on a daily basis.