Coastguard performs daring cliff rescue of dog and puppy

The coastguard performed a daring rescue of a dog and a stranded puppy who were stuck on a cliff ledge, as the tide rose around them. The Ness Coastguard Rescue Team was aided by coastguards from Bragar and Breasclete and together they managed to safely rescue the two dogs.

Carol Campbell, the watch manager for the Stornoway Coastguard stated:

This rescue was carried out in very challenging conditions on the highly exposed Atlantic cliffs on the west side of the island with driving rain and sea spray hampering the teams.

However, despite having to battle with the elements, the rescue was completed successfully and the dogs have now been re-united with their grateful owner.

That’s the second pair of dogs in two days that have risked their lives on the coast and have needed rescuing, after two dogs were washed out to sea yesterday.