Cooking for your dog

cooking_for_your_dogSome dogs need a special diet, others are quite happy and healthy on the ‘usual’ dog’s dinner so to speak. In Britain, we know we have an obesity problem and that it has probably stemmed from the association of food with love and it is the same with our animals. Some people absolutely dote on their pets but how far would you go for your dog’s diet? Would you perhaps buy a cookbook especially for your dog and spend hours cooking for him?

That’s the idea behind ‘Cooking for your dog’ from Paragon Books which contains recipes such as home baked biscuits, vegatable mash with boiled chicken and a number of other dishes that would take several hours to prepare and some of which look almost fit to eat! There are special recipes for weight control, unwell dogs and even to relieve constipation. Some of the recipes also contain ingredients such as cottage cheese, milk and eggs and not all dogs can stomach such dairy products so maybe not all the recipes are that suitable for dogs.

The idea of the book is fine but other than giving it as a novelty gift, I really cannot see people spending hours over the oven to cook for their dog in this way unless they have very little else in their life.