Dog brings home hand grenade from World War II

Most dog owners have found that their beloved dogs have brought home things they’d rather they didn’t. Usually these extend to dirty looking bones, the occasional pigeon and in rare cases, a squirrel (if your dog is fast enough to catch one).

A family in Inverness-shire found that their dog brought home something a little more unexpected, and unwanted. The collie puppy brought a WWII hand grenade home, and dangled it from her mouth, holding it by the pin.

The dangerous dog’s owner, Mylene MacDonald, stated:

Only rust and mud were keeping the pin in place.

Had it worked loose hanging from Rox’s mouth, she and my two wee boys could have been blown to bits.

The police waited in the family’s garden all night, ensuring no one came near, as they awaiting the arrival of the bomb disposal unit. The area the family live in, Roy Bridge in Inverness-shire, was previously used a training site for commandos.

When Mylene MacDonald saw the dog with the grenade she didn’t think anything of it at first.

Lewis waved it at me through the kitchen window. I didn’t pay much attention, I just shouted for Lewis to take it next door to show his grandpa.

Luckily the grandfather, 81 year old Dan MacDonald, recognised the grenade for what it was and phoned the police.

Dan stated:

Trust Rox to have found it. She is a formidable non-stop digger of holes.

What strange things has your dog brought home recently?


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    trust me on this one.Darrell English Collector of WW2 artifacts for over 40 years

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