Dog found a family just in time for Christmas

Christmas is the time of miracles, and especially for one dog from South Wales that had been abandoned, winding up in Cardiff Dogs Home. Staff of the dogs home wanted to find homes for Sebastian, the brindle mastiff cross, and eleven other dogs in their ‘twelve dogs of Christmas’ campaign. They ran the campaign in the South Wales Echo, and in the run up to Christmas had managed to house eight of the twelve dogs, including Sebastian, who had been abandoned in a field.

Deborah Preece from Ely, in Cardiff, was touched by the campaign in the Echo and offered to give a home to Sebastian. Deborah says:

As soon as I saw him I fell in love with him. He took to me really quickly. He jumped on me so much I fell over!

It broke my heart when I read the story in the paper and my husband agreed we should do something.

Seb is such a loving dog and he is getting better by the day. He still has a long way to go but I am just glad we could help.

It wasn’t just Sebastian who had a special Christmas either, Tommy the boxer dog also found a home, with mother of five Angela Edwards. Angela was delighted with Tommy as she and her family had lost their dog, a boxer, earlier in the year.

I lost a boxer dog called Thomas earlier this year and as a family we were devastated.

My dad called me after seeing Tommy in the Echo and said, ‘You have to get him.’

The kids had been asking for a dog for Christmas so it was perfect timing. We all really love having him around the house.

Cardiff Dogs Home have done sterling work in finding homes for the dogs, but they still have many dogs looking for homes. However you can’t offer a dog a home at the moment as the dog’s home has a sensible policy of not allowing any dogs to be rehomed during the Christmas period, until January 1st. This prevents dogs from being homed, and then abandoned once the novelty has worn off.

If you’re interested in giving a rescue dog a home in Cardiff, you can contact the dog’s home on 029 2071 1243 or 029 2070 8141.