Dog nearly dies after eating chocolate

A dog who was accidentally locked in the kitchen by her owner discovered a secret stash of chocolate cakes, and proceeded to eat all twenty of them. As we explained earlier, human chocolate is very dangerous for dogs, and Polly the Patterdale terrier was rushed to the vets by her owner, Yvonne Taylor.

When Yvonne found Polly, she was sat in the kitchen covered in chocolate and surrounded by cup cake wrappers. As amusing as the scene must have been, Polly was lucky to have survived as dogs can contract cocoa poisoning from chocolate.

Ms Taylor stated:

I remember reading that cocoa could be poisonous to pets, and having used quite a lot in the cakes, I was concerned for her.

The PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) vets were brilliant and went that extra mile to save Polly.

They gave her an injection to induce vomiting and then proceeded to wash out her stomach under a general anaesthetic.

A spokesman for the PDSA added a warning about not feeding your dogs chocolate this Easter:

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate, but it is a time when pets are at increased risk from potentially fatal chocolate poisoning.

Luckily, Polly pulled through and survived. The amount of chocolate she ate could have killed her had her owner not recognised the danger and contacted PDSA so swiftly.