Dog owners more likely to snore

There are many things you think of when you think of dog owners, being snorers isn’t typically one of them. However recent research suggests that people who have grown up around dogs when they were young children are more likely to snore in later life.

Scientists claim that a pet dog makes a baby more likely to become a snorer as an adult. They believe it’s because of the bacteria that is spread by the dog. The bacteria pet dogs have simulate the lymphatic systems of babies, which in turn leads to swelling of the tonsils. This has the unfortunate side effect of leading to snoring.

The research was conducted between 15,500 people from Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

18% of those snoring reported habitual snoring, which means loud snoring for a minimum of 3 nights per week. Of those surveyed, having dogs in the family home when they were children was a recurring factor.

This means that dogs contributed to a 3.4% snoring risk, the largest factor in anyone questioned.