Police dogs working in South Wales

Police dogs in the South Wales area have been working tirelessly this month to clean up the streets. The dogs have helped to make some important arrests, where without the dogs the police would not have been successful.

A burglar in a Swansea school was captured with the help of a four-year-old Belgian Malimois named Dutch. Meanwhile an eighteen month old German Sheppard helped to catch a car burglar in Aberdare.

2 weeks ago Dutch and his handler PC Carl John responded to a call at Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr school in Swansea. When PC John and Dutch found a man at the school, he fled the scene. The Dutch leapt into action and he detained the suspect.

Dutch then found evidence within the school grounds that led to the arrest of a further three people, all suspected of their involvement in the burglary at the school, totalling £20,000 worth of property.

On Friday August 8th, the German Sheppard named Vanko helped PC Sally Richards apprehend a man in Aberdare who was breaking into a car.

Vanco chased the suspect down a dark lane where he was arrested. Vanco then followed up his success by finding evidence of clothing belonging to the suspect.

Inspector Mark Hobrough said about the success of the police dogs:

The force’s specially trained dogs provide invaluable support to police officers on a daily basis by apprehending criminals, uncovering evidence and sniffing out drugs as well as many other skills and roles.

Last month one of our dogs played a significant role during the search of a cannabis factory in Bridgend which resulted in two men being arrested and already this month the dogs have helped secure a number of key arrests, keeping South Wales safe.