Dog returned to Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James

Sandra Bullock and Jesse JamesLosing your family dog can be a distressing experience, and Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James knows just how that feels as he recently lost his beloved dog CinnaBun.

Jesse James owns a motorcycle shop called West Coast Choppers on Long Beach, and the dog, CinnaBun, spends all day with him at the bike shop. Recently Jesse’s dog wandered off, which sent the biker into panic looking for him. Jesse posted flyers up around Long Beach and used Twitter to plead for help in finding his dog.

The Twitter message stated:

CinnaBun our shop dog & pet been missing since 2pm yesterday. If you find her plz call 562-983-6666

Jesse and his dog had been separated for three weeks before eventually the dog was found and returned to him. Jesse Tweeted about his relief yesterday, even adding the photo of the excited pit bull being reunited with his owner.
cinnabun and Jesse James

So Happy! Thnx Everyone for all the help! She looks like she hz had quite the Adventure!

Jesse James had even hired a private pet detective to help locate his missing dog, offering a $5,000 reward for CinnaBun’s safe return. The dog was eventually returned by a woman who spotted one of Jesse’s flyers, and brought the dog back to his bike shop – upon where Jesse’s biker crew all burst into tears of joy.