Dog stolen 12 months ago reunited with owner in time for Christmas

In a story that seems like it has been lifted straight out of a Disney movie, or from a Benji film, a dog that was stolen 12 months ago has just been returned it its owner in time for Christmas. The dog, a Jack Russell terrier cross named Purdy, is now safely home with her owner, a nine-year-old disabled girl from Staffordshire

The dog vanished last January when she was a puppy, and her owner Emma Mathews, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, was distraught at the prospect of never seeing her dog again.

However, the dog was taken by her new owners to be microchipped, when they found that Purdy had already been microchipped, and her real owners were contacted.

Suzanna Mathews, Emma’s mother, stated:

When Emma was ill in hospital she kept asking for a dog. We got Purdy to keep her spirits up and give her something to look forward to when she came out of hospital. So we were completed devastated when Purdy was taken from our garden in January. I must have turned my back for two minutes and she was gone.

I had been worried about her being stolen so I got her microchipped in December by my vet.

Purdy’s new owners bought her for £100, and when they took her to be microchipped it was found that she had already been chipped, and that she had been stolen 12 months ago.

Judith Haw, from the RSPCA, stated:

The people, who were acting responsibly by taking Purdy to be microchipped, were shocked to discover the dog had been stolen.

Suzanna Mathews spoke of her daughter’s delight at hearing that her dog had been found, and would be returned to her:

When the RSPCA inspector called it was the best news in the world. We received the call during the day and had Purdy home by tea-time – we were all crying.

Everyone should have their dogs microchipped because it is a ‘win-win’ situation. I did have faith in the microchip and believed that one day she would be scanned and we would get her home.

She is not just a dog, she is a member of our family and we are thrilled she is home.

This shows the importance of microchipping your dog, as it can give a very sad story into a happy ending.