Dog training for beginners

Dog training can certainly be difficult, and trying to teach your dog to sit can most definitely be an experience in itself!

Teaching your puppy to sit is a good way for them to show off their good manners, especially when you are out in the park, crossing over the road or when you have visitors.

Out of all the dog training commands, the sit command is probably one the easiest to practice. You can practice the command for almost any everyday task, such as waiting for their food, getting them to sit so you can put their lead on and most commonly, sitting for a treat.

teach your dog to sit

The best way to say this command, is by saying their name and then saying ‘sit’. All commands that you give to your dog, should be preceded with their name. This is so you get their attention and gain their interest.

If at any time your puppy goes to sit, quickly say the command ‘sit’ and then praise them and give them a reward. Rewards always work wonders with dog training.

If you are finding it difficult to teach your puppy to sit, hold a treat in front of him, slightly above his nose, which will make him look up. Then once you have his attention, move the treat backwards over the top of his head. Your puppy will want to keep eye contact with the treat, so the only way he can do this is if he sits. While doing this say the command ’sit’.

Another way to do this is to have your puppy on your left hand side and hold a treat in front of him with using your right hand. You then need to gently press down on his bottom with your left hand. Whilst doing this, say the command ‘sit’. Once your puppy has mastered this, reward him with the treat.

Practice makes perfect and soon enough your puppy will recognise the command ‘sit’.