Dog walker caught 43 times on Google Street View

For anyone who hasn’t used Google Street View on the Internet, it features an almost complete map of the UK in photographic form, taken by a series of Google camera cars that recently toured the country. By looking at Google Street View you will be able to see what your house looked like at the time the pictures were taken, and you can follow roads and streets as though you were actually walking them.

Privacy campaigners have criticised Google Street View because people have been ‘captured’ by the cameras, and appear online – although all faces and car registrations have been blurred. Of course, if you happened to be out walking at the time the Google camera cars came past, you could theoretically be captured more than once.

Wendy-Southgate-on-Google-Street-ViewIf you happened to be walking the exact same way as the camera cars however, you find that you’re on multiple photographs, as happened to Wendy Southgate from Norfolk when she was taking her dog for a walk. Wendy appears on no fewer than 43 different frames of Google Street View – as the Google camera car followed her while she was taking the family dog, Trixie, for her daily walk.

Wendy was discovered on Google Street View by her husband, who wanted to see what their house looked like online. When he saw his wife and Trixie, he followed the path that they usually take for their walk – and was astonished to find that Wendy appeared on every photograph.

Terry Southgate explained to the Sun newspaper:

It was a surprise when I found Wendy and the dog. There she was – over and over again. I counted 43 different shots.

As you can imagine, Wendy was a little suspicious of why the Google car was following her and it made her a little nervous. She explained:

I didn’t know what it was doing, it was just driving around very, very slowly.


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