Dogs eat man’s car!

Many dogs chase cars, but you often wonder what would they do if they caught one? A man in Australia has found out as a pack of dogs has eaten his car!

Worse yet, it’s happened to him before.

Forty-seven-year-old Clayton Dwyer was sleeping when his girlfriend woke him saying that his car had been eaten by dogs. Naturally he thought she was ribbing him, but she wasn’t. He emerged to find that his car had been attacked and the bumper had been removed and eaten. He also found tooth marks in his side panels.

He said in an interview with the local news:

You can see the teeth marks.

My girlfriend’s car got eaten about three months ago. At first we thought it had been attacked with a hammer, but we took it to the panel beaters and he said it was dogs. You could see the teeth marks on it.

Wild dogs have been roaming around the area for months looking for food; you’d think cars wouldn’t represent the best snack though!