Dogs smell trouble in helping to find car thief

A man who tried to deceive police dogs by simply changing his clothes was caught and arrested for trying to break into cars.

The man, Corey Kennedy, 34, who was already known to the police (and presumably the police dogs too), was charged with fleeing and evading police, resisting arrest and two counts of failure to appear in court on an unrelated case.

Officers at the scene investigating reports of attempted car theft witnessed Kennedy pulling on door handles on cars parked near an apartment complex.

When officers approached him, Kennedy fled the scene and later appeared from the buildings wearing a different shirt – like Clark Kent, only not as dynamic. However, by that time officers had already set up a perimeter around the building and sniffer dogs helped the officers to identify Kennedy as the man they were looking for – his cunning disguise foiled.

The officers who were witnesses to Kennedy’s attempted break in on the vehicles were part of a task force created to help crack down on an increase in car crime in the area since March 2010. According to data that was released by the police, there were 77 cases of stolen cars which doubled in the space of 4 weeks. This peaked at 265 cases of car crimes in July last year.

This is the second case where the task force has been in the right place at the right time to catch some opportunistic car thief. A man named Thomas Fennel, 20, was also arrested after he approached two plain clothed officers and asked them to help him break into a property.

This genius was charged with conspiracy to commit burglary.