Dog’s tail wagging

To train a dog successfully you have to have your dog’s full attention. Before teaching an exercise, practice getting your dog’s attention and get him looking at you.

See if there is a family member that your dog wags his tail at the most, and check out what the person does to get your dog’s happy tail wagging.

Find out what your dog likes and test them out:

  • Praise and fuss from you, and his favourite titbits.
  • Games with the involvement of toys.
  • Use a high pitched voice to get his attention.
  • Be silly and have some fun

Show your dog that you have something he wants, say his name, hold it under his chin and then wait until he looks at you before giving him a titbit.

Keep him interested and let him know that he has done well.

Aim for success and practice each session several times a day, if your working day allows this.

Remember if a dog has been left all day, he or she will be looking forward to your home coming and will want special attention and exercise. Even if a session with him is a playful one that lasts for three minutes, it’s still important to do it.