Dogs Trust awards 2011

The Dogs Trust Awards, now in its 4th year, is well known among dog lovers for its heart-warming stories of love and affection that really emphasise the relationship between humans and dogs.

Throughout March and April this year there were a record number of nominations for members of public for canines that they thought deserved the rewards of receiving a Dogs Trust Award. The awards each had 5 dogs nominated for an award in 5 different categories. The panel judging the awards consists of some famous dog lovers from the world of entertainment, including Graham Norton, Martin Freeman, Brian Sewell, Miranda Hart, John Partridge, Nicky Campbell & Clare Balding  plus Dogs Today Editor Beverley Cuddy and Dogs Trust CEO Clarissa Baldwin, had the hard task of choosing the overall winners.

The Sun readers could also vote for who they thought should win the Hero dog award.

dogstrust11One of the nominations included in The Hero dog award include Theo, a Springer spaniel who worked as a sniffer dog in Afghanistan. Theo died hours after his owner Lance Corporal, Liam Tasker, was shot by a Taliban sniper. Many people believe that Theo died from a broken heart. While in service Liam and Theo managed to find a record 14 bombs and 5 weapon caches in 5 months, saving countless lives.

The other categories include the Doggie devotion award, for dogs that have shown emotional support and have provided a lifeline for their owners. Tully, Wizz and Barney, Spud, Diesel, Sorin and Billi have all been nominated for their work in this field.

Other Categories include The Golden Oldie award, Celebrity Canine and Dog’s best friend. More information and stories about all nominees can be found on The Dogs Trust website. The award ceremony took place on June 1st.