Woman thanks anonymous good Samaritan for carrying her dog

A woman has thanked a ‘Good Samaritan’ who helped her dog by carrying the pampered pooch up a steep cliff whilst they were out walking.

Seven Year old Dalmatian, Oscar, suffered a fractured leg whilst he was playing at rock pools. His owner, Mandy Miller, was struggling to come up with any ideas of how she was able to get the six stone dog back to her car, up the steep cliff.

Mrs Miller, 38, said:

“I was on my own and in a panic. I couldn’t have got Oscar up the path myself and would have had to call the coastguard.”

“I heard a piercing scream and when I looked round he was on his back.”

“A guy who was also walking his dog came running over and tried to calm Oscar down.”

“He offered to carry him up the cliff and I said ‘You can’t, he weighs 40 kilos’, but he insisted and carried him all the way to the cafe at the top.”

Mrs Miller then rushed the troubled Dalmatian Oscar to the vets, where it was revealed that he had suffered a fractured leg. The poor dog now has to wear a splint all the way up to his shoulder, which should seriously restrict his ‘walkies’.

Mrs Miller added

“I was in such a flap I can’t remember if I thanked the man who helped me. I couldn’t have managed with Oscar on my own and if he’d had to walk his leg could have been a lot worse. I’ve never encountered kindness like it. I would just like to say a big thank you – I’m so grateful.”

Incidents such as this underline the importance of having adequate dog insurance for your pets, as a fractured leg can run into hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in vets bills.