Eating strange substance could have caused dog’s death

A Labrador that ate green slime while on a walk on a beach in the Wirral sadly died only hours after.

The dog ate the strange substance and within hours was suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting and was rushed to the vets. Unfortunately he died shortly afterwards from acute shock. Mr McNulty, who tried to treat the dog at Hoylake Vets, was quoted in the Wirral Globe just after the incident:

“The owner had taken his two dogs for a walk and both were seen sniffing around this green slime. He saw one of the dogs eat something and was later plagued with severe vomiting and diarrhoea. Unfortunately the Labrador died early hours the next morning.”

“Of course, we cannot say for definite that he died as a result of eating the substance but I advised the owner to get in touch with environmental health officers to clear it up.”

The owner took Mr McNulty’s advice and arranged to have sent the mystery substance off to the Public Analyst so they could confirm what the substance is and whether it was the main cause of harm in the dog.

The Public Analysis board is a UK protection body that contains highly skilled scientists when there is a need for chemical analysis and tests to be carried out.

A spokesperson for Wirral Council commented:

“We attended the site on Monday after a member of the public reported a suspect substance on the beach. The substance was immediately cleaned up thoroughly by council staff and the following day a sample was sent to the Public Analyst for examination.”

“We expect to have a report in ten to 14 days.”