Exercising your puppy

puppy_on_leadWalking, running and exercising your puppy will become a daily pleasure for both of you. However, it is essential that the basics of training and discipline are started from an early age and this should be included daily.

If you have bought your puppy from a private dog breeder who breeds their puppies in their own home, it is likely that toilet training will have already been started by placing the puppy on a newspaper after meals.  Don’t expect this to automatically continue in your own home though because the puppy will be in a strange new environment.

A training programme is made easier if commands are given in a firm tone otherwise the command is likely to be ignored. A puppy will try to get away with ignoring a command and push you to give in.  It can be quite easy to give in when they look so cute, like the Great Dane puppy pictured here courtesy of Great Dane Rescue in Australia.

Even before your puppy can go for walks, buy your puppy a thin and light collar and let him get used to wearing it in the home.  You can take the next step of attaching a lead and coax him to walk at the side of you.

Once your puppy has had all his injections and you are taking your puppy walking it is a big moment for both of you but the training needs to continue.

If your puppy pulls the lead by darting ahead or staying behind you, a couple of short tugs will make him realise what you expect of him.  Have patience or it will become a daily war for both of you.