Experienced paraglider brings pet pooch on mountain jump

Tony Conway is an eager paraglider who has accomplished many jumps in his life. His latest jump was based at the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland, which are known for being the tallest in the area. This daredevil jump was slightly different to the other jumps Tony has completed in the past though, because joining him on the adventure was his companion, Harry. Harry is Tony’s pet dog and he regularly walks for miles with his owner in the surrounding area. One day on a walk, Tony had a thought – what if Harry were to join him on a paragliding jump?

After some careful consideration and planning, the day came for Harry to embark on his first paragliding activity. The Slieve Donard was the mountain of choice, standing at 2,786 feet. The Slieve Donard is just one of the 12 peaks that make up the Mourne Mountains and it took just 20 minutes for the adventurous duo to descend from top to bottom.

To make the jump possible, Tony Conway created a harness that would secure Harry in position comfortably for the flight. The reason for this spontaneous decision was to create a shortcut for walks. Tony said:

“I designed the harness with my wife so that I could take Harry for long hill walks and fly down.”

To remember the momentous day, the entire experience was caught on camera. Tony fastening a camera to his helmet as a way of capturing Harry’s satisfied reaction.