Firework safety rules for you and your dog

dog-fireworksAt this time of year, fireworks will be going off all night and as many pet owners are aware, fireworks drive most animals including dogs up the wall. The loud noises that people appear to enjoy can cause a great deal of stress for animals.

The symptoms of their stress include shaking, trembling, trying to hide and verbal barking, whimpering or howling.

In some cases your dog may lose bladder control or even have diarrhoea. It is important you do not smack or tell your dog off at this time as it will add to his distress.  After all the cause of the predicament is noise made by humans.

Some dogs will stop eating for a few days after the fireworks have stopped and New Year becomes a big problem for both dogs and their owners.

Practising safety in the home before the expected level of firework noise is a good idea.

  • Close your curtains and turn on the television or radio to try to mask the impact of the noise. For some this will prove to be distracting.
  • Place your dog in his pet carrier to provide comfort and security.
  • If you have to travel then place your dog in a dog carrier but try to avoid if possible.
  • Dog walks should be limited with your dog at your side on a lead. Try not to act or seem nervous yourself as your dog will pick up on this; instead just ignore the fireworks.
  • Make sure your dog has been to the toilet before any festivities are due to start.
  • It is essential that your pet has is wearing his dog tag in case he is frightened and runs off.

Fire safety for your family and your dog is an important issue. Keep your dog away from open fireworks and any smouldering fireworks that may be on the ground the next day when taking your dog for his walk.