Giant greyhound gets the attention of shoppers

A 24ft giant greyhound managed to turn heads in Swindon town centre after being driven in on the roof of a private stretch limo, much to the amazement of shoppers. The dog will be measured by the Guinness Book of World Records and will hopefully gain an entry.

The greyhound was placed in the town centre so that Swindon Greyhounds staff could give free tickets out to people wanting to watch the races. The greyhound is known by many as Bunny because it has been made in the image of a greyhound racer dog called Show Me The Bunny.

The marketing director for Swindon Greyhounds, Jo Clarke, said:

“It has been brilliant, the reaction of everyone has been unbelievable. When we drive it along the road we see all the passengers videoing and taking photos of it.

“It has just been phenomenal to take the dog to the people.

“We have been to every one of the 25 greyhound tracks in the country.

“People stop and get their cameras out. It is all about making them realise that going to the dogs is a great night out.”

As well as giving out free tickets to interested passers-by, the staff members were out collecting money for the Retired Greyhound Trust, which helps to re-home retired dogs.

“We have given away 1,500 tickets. People can use them up until Christmas. If anybody contacts us and says ‘big dog’ and gives us their contact details they will get free tickets,” said Jo.

“Going to the dogs is a bit different because you might be a bit bored with going to the pub all the time.”

“Here they have got live racing and a good restaurant. They can drink and they have got alcohol. They have got everything they want all in one location. There is a lot more to the dogs than just racing.”