Government grant keeps dogs and owners safe on estate

Located in the London borough of Haringey, the Sandlings Estate was once a place where dog owners and residents were very divided. However, thanks to funding from the Government, it seems that the estate is now a much safer and friendlier place to live.

With so many teenagers getting pets as a way of boosting their social status, residents had no control over the way in which the teenagers brought up their dogs. As a result, cases of dog fighting, animal neglect and a messed-up landscape were constantly surfacing.

The tension between dog owners and residents soon came to a head and the people living in Sandlings Estate took it upon themselves to tackle the problem. In order to do this, they would get in touch with the Home Office to inquire about the Community Development Funding option.

Following their request to devise an ‘action plan’, the Home Office accepted their plea and offered £4,200. This money was then used to help pet owners get their animals micro-chipped, assist with dog discipline, and clean up the area.

Fortunately, none of the young residents owned a banned breed and since the Government funding has been donated to the residents of Sandlings Estate, big changes have been noticed. The chairwoman of the tenants and residents association, Margaret Clarke, observed:

“The owners are picking up after the dogs and it’s as though they’ve really learned a lesson.”

Following the success, many other estates in London are being informed about similar types of funding, which is available through a Community First pot with a total amount of £30m.