Guide Dog charity staff raise funds for guide dogs

th1_hlc-2703-03-2603_110602Staff from the Guide Dog Breeding Centre at Bishops Tachbrook are to raise money for their charity by taking part in the Coniston Challenge.

The challenge involves events such as canoeing and cycling, and a 10km walk. The challenge takes place in the Lake District, and the staff are hoping to raise £5,000 for their charity.

The guide dog charity centre is responsible for breeding 1,200 puppies every year, out of which approximately 900 of the puppies grow up to be guide dogs. Every dog that becomes a guide dog costs around £35,000 for the duration of its life, and the money comes solely from donations from the public.

Rachel Moxon, from the charity, stated:

It is such a good charity and it’s phenomenal the amount of work the centre does. When we give someone a guide dog it is a lifelong commitment – when one dog retires we have to provide another.


  • Thanks for taking this article and spreading the word for our fundraising efforts, unfortunately I need to update the figures as the £35,000 is historic and now stands at £50,000 for the lifetime of the dog up to it’s retirement. It costs approximately £28,000 to finance a dog through to qualification as a Guide Dog and then approximately a further £3,500 per annum thereafter. Any donations to greatfully accepted.

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