Hanbury residents raise money for the Guide Dogs charity

The Guide Dogs charity has always been committed to raising as much money as possible and recently, residents from the Hanbury area have made an additional contribution to the charity. On Sunday 1st April 2012, dogs and their owners set off on various routes around Hanbury, which is near Bromsgrove in Worcestershire. With a total of nearly £400 raised for the Guide Dogs, the charity is now able to expend more funds into training dogs to help the blind and partially sighted.

The Jinney Ring Craft Centre was the destination for the sponsored walk and over 30 dogs and owners began their walk from this area. This marked the second successful walk organised by the host, Jinney Ring, and those people contributing were able to decide how far they ventured. A choice of three routes enabled people old and young to participate and make a difference to the future of people who suffer with sight problems.

Children opted for the half-mile walk, whereas others decided to soak in the Worcestershire countryside landscape with a walk over six miles long. Amanda Sunter is the owner of the Jinney Ring Craft Centre and she was thrilled with the results. Speaking about the experience, Amanda said:

“Thanks to the efforts of local dog lovers, we’ve been able to raise much needed funds for this fantastic cause.”

The Jinney Ring Craft Centre is a well-known establishment in the Hanbury location, working closely with a multitude of charities. Due to this being the second year for a triumphant sponsored walk, the centre is sure to organise many more events for canines and their owners in the near future.