How much can dogs remember?

sad puppyA dog’s brain, especially with a small dog, lacks a part of the brain called the ‘necortex’ which is used for reasoning. However, despite this dogs are known for having excellent memories. In fact, dogs are known to be capable of memorising more than humans.

Dogs are aware of their owner’s movements, they will memorise them accurately and a person’s body language is often like an open book to them; they know just what you are up to.

Smaller dogs have more trouble in learning words than big dogs. Of course a larger dog has a larger brain, and therefore their ‘necortex’ allows them to process information on a larger scale.

New pet owners who have brought home a puppy will have to be patient while the puppy settles in; everything is new to them, including body language, smells in the home and what you are trying to teach them

Whatever the breed of dog you choose he will often copy your own personality. For instance, he will greet your friends as you do and even grieve with you when a loved one passes away.

What you see with a dog is what you get, however a dog’s characteristics often reflect how their pet owners and their families behave within their home environment.

Note: A dog always knows when their owners are happy or unhappy and often reacts in the same way; they will get up and make a conscious move towards their owners to let them know they understand their feelings.