Reward your dog with a Kong toy

When you have a puppy or a dog that is bored, or if you want to reward him in the evening after his long walk, playing with doggie toys may not be enough to stimulate him.

However, out of all the products to hit the marketplace, the toy named ‘The Kong’ is now top of the hit list for relieving boredom within dogs, and other related doggie problems.

A dog that suffers from separation anxiety or various behavioural problems can often be aided with the use a Kong toy.

Good dog behaviour starts from the time a new owner trains their dog. Kongs are good at utilising and bringing out the best in a puppy or dog, listed below are some of the reasons why a Kong may be good for your pet.

A dog has high energy levels, a Kong stuffed with his favourite treats will have him working hard to get them out.

There are Kongs for puppies and adult dogs; each different size of Kong makes it harder for a dog to get at his reward for good behaviour.

An owner of a dog can make it easy at first, then progressively harder by stuffing in some biscuits and some of his canned food, ideal for a working dog.

Canned food mixed with gravy can be frozen overnight, ready to keep a dog busy; however do not freeze a Kong if it is intended for a puppy to play with.

Top Tip: do allow your dog to think you only give him a Kong when you are about to leave the house as it enhances separation anxiety behaviour. Make sure he plays with the Kong when you are staying in as well.

The Kong is about hunting for treats and food while your pet has fun, it is a reward after his training. Give him a treat after a long walk or, if you have to go out, make your routine as varied as much as possible.