How to keep your puppy safe

Years ago if you owned a dog or a puppy you had to purchase a licence. However it has now changed, and the only requirement now for owning a dog is to have a dog tag with your address printed on it.

Your puppy or dog can have a reference identity number tattooed on them as well, if you think it is necessary. A less painful way to keep your dog tagged is by a micro-chip. Your local veterinary surgeon can give you more details about this as it is recommended by the RSPCA.

Some collars and leads are available to order with identity marks attached and can be renewed easily when they are too old to use.

There was a new law brought out in 1993 under the dangerous dog’s act which made it illegal for anyone to purchase the following breeds:

  • Pit-bull
  • Dogo Argentina
  • Fila Brazilliero
  • Japanese Tosa.

Anyone who owns any of these dog breeds needs to register them with police.

Road Safety:

It takes a while for a new puppy to become used to the hustle and noise of cars on the road.

On some roads there is a requirement to have your dog on a lead at all times.

Cars can upset puppies and they can cause accidents. Responsible dog owners will never leave a puppy or a dog to roam the streets.


Pollution is everyone’s problem and if you take your dog out then be prepared to use one of the many products available to pick up any toilet mess.