How to look after a new puppy

Everyone gets excited about the arrival of a new puppy and the puppy is equally excited. If you have children it is important to let them say hello and have a cuddle of any new puppy.

The puppy should be allowed to settle in by wandering around its new home.

A new puppy will need his own basket in a quiet corner so he can learn it is his own home, his own space, where he can retreat to.

Start using the command of ‘in your basket’; give him a little push to show him the basket. Once in the basket then praise him for being good. This will be his first training lesson

Night Time: A puppy has had the company and warmth of his brothers and sisters to snuggle up to each night. Now he is on his own and feeling lonely.

Stop cuddling him early, make sure he has had tea and is not hungry.

Place some jumpers with your scent on them into the basket, with his blanket, and a soft cuddly dog toy.

There will be some barking and whining at first, however do not give in or you will have lost the fight. The same noise will happen every night until you give in, or until he realises he must sleep there alone.

Although it is not easy, a dog who loves his own bed can be left with friends if you go away on holiday without any worries.

Leave the puppy and go shopping so he knows you will return.