How to safely cut your dog’s nails

If you are a dog owner and you’ve noticed that his nails are catching on the carpet in the living room and you are worried about trimming them, here is some helpful information on taking care of him and cutting his nails.

When looking to cut your dog’s nails, the length of nails can vary according to his lifestyle. For instance, a dog that has plenty of exercise walking on a hard surface (such as a road or pavement) may not need his nails cutting very often as they will be worn down naturally by stone or cemented pathways.

If you take your dog to the beach, walk them on grass, in a park or nearby waste land then it becomes important to have a dog groomer or a vet clip his nails as they can start to curl, causing him much discomfort.

Why not ask your vet to show you the procedure of nail cutting, this way you avoid damaging and hurting your pet when you do it yourself? However it is important to remember that dogs usually remain still for a complete stranger.

The best time to get your dog into a nail cutting routine is at the puppy stage. In a calm and reassuring manner, talking to your pet all the time, simply hold his paw and gently massage it for a couple of seconds, until you are both relaxed.

Take one paw; put a little pressure on his paw and nails, placing the nail in the middle of your finger and thumb. When calm, remember to only trim the ‘TIPS’ of his claws as shown by your vet.

Do two nails at a time over the next few days, to stop any panic setting in and to form a routine, building up a bond of trust between both of you.