Greyhound chases real hare during greyhound race

Anyone who’s ever been to the dog track will know just how fast some greyhounds can be, especially when they’re chasing that little, furry, yet fake, hare. But what would happen if the greyhounds spotted a real hare during the race? Surely there would be chaos?

Yes there would. That’s just what happened at a dog track in Australia this week when prize greyhound ‘Ginny Lou’ caught sight of a rather brave, yet stupid, hare that wandered on to the greyhound track just as the dogs were passing, chasing the fake hare. Ginny Lou was in third place at the time, and just about to make her move on the leaders, when spotted a rather tasty looking alternative hare bounce across in front of her.

Naturally, she set off after it, abandoning the race in favour of what looked like a much tastier meal.

Ginny Lou spies a real hare, and she's off!

The dog track in question was a track in Shepperton, Victoria, and the race was the Finer Fruit Stakes.

The owner of Ginny Lou, Scott Stefanos, commented that he: “didn’t know whether to laugh or cry” when his dog, with a chance of winning, fled the race to go after her supper. Luckily for Scott he didn’t lose out too badly as the race was declared null and void, and all bets (over £18,000 worth) were returned to punters.

So what happened to the hare? There was no sign of it after the race – although Ginny Lou looked mighty pleased with herself. Watch the incident here from Australian TV.