How to spot arthritis in a dog

How to spot arthritis in a dogWhen your pet has suddenly started to change his behaviour, or you notice he appears to be lethargic, it could be that he has a problem with one or more of his joints. Arthritis is not a condition that only appears in a senior dog’s time of life, a puppy can also suffer from arthritis.

How to spot the symptoms of arthritis:

  • A dog may stop enjoying his playtime with you, or he could be reluctant to walk or climb the stairs
  • If he is limping or if he struggles to get out of his dog bed in a morning
  • A dog that is mild mannered may be more aggressive or irritable when you touch him
  • If you see that your dog is licking his paws constantly, with the same area being the target of his attention. The most common areas of a dog’s body that can be affected with arthritis are the elbows, shoulders, knees and hips.

When you notice any of the above symptoms it is advisable to take your dog to the local veterinary surgeon.

It may be that the vet diagnoses something entirely different. If so the result will be well worth the time you have taken to make an appointment and it will put your mind at ease.

However, if your puppy or dog is diagnosed with arthritis there is no need to panic. Your vet will be on hand to guide you. He will help your dog with medicine, and supply valuable information on how to make simple changes to your pet’s lifestyle to keep him comfortable.